Dpf Mac Speed 2500

Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaning Machine with cabin starts cleaning with automatic on-off system from the control panel by closing the cover after attaching the particle or catalyst to the head.
All metal parts used in our canopy DPF Particle Cleaning (SPEED2500) machine are made of 304 stainless steel and other parts are brands that have proven themselves in the sector with their quality. For this reason, quality and trust have come to the fore. It can also clean light commercial and heavy vehicle filters.
We can clean the clogged catalytic converter or particle filter in a very short time by combining our machine, which you can see in this patented image, whose design belongs to our company, with a specially formulated solvent.

General Features of the Machine;

Tank and water level control system with sensor
Resistance protection sensor
220 volt AC operation (Optional 220V)
Working with a compressor between 5-10 bar
Ability to discharge the pollution that has softened during cleaning with air support

Particle and catalyst binding feature up to 150 cm
Connecting apparatus up to 40..80 mm diameter
Ability to adjust water flow rate with automatic electric valve
Water flow power max. 0-12 bar feature

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